Gary Charles

​​GCcare is the unique part of the company which aims to provide support and care to people who are experiencing a wide range of problems, such as depression, relationship problems, alcohol /drug dependency, gambling, ‘burn out’, and low self-esteem.

Clients can access discreet support from experienced staff who have many years experience and who understand the pressures involved in everyday life.

Dr Gareth Lewis

Mike Delaney

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Gary Charles
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Support, guidance and care for all

Lorna McClelland

Leaders In Preventative Intervention Support Strategies

Preventative Intervention

The main focus of GCcare is the provision of prompt, targeted and pragmatic support for all people; the aim is to limit disruption within everyday life, whilst attempting to avert a slide towards the need for more extensive intervention. However, in the event that more extensive residential  support is needed,  Gary and his team of specialists will establish a bespoke, individualised treatment programme. The team have the ability to bring the treatment to the client, treat in a specialist private setting or has the use of several leading clinics in the UK and abroad. 

There are are some facts which can't be argued against.

  • Fact  1. Millions of people in the UK experience issues associated with  anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. It is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Fact 2.  With support it is possible to resolve these issues.The future is something which we should not dread. Together we will make the future positive.

​​​Providing integrated support strategies for people dealing with a wide range of issues in everyday society
Gary has put together a team of specialist counsellors and therapists who have the skills to provide support and treatment for a wide range of issues. 

Gary first met Mike Delaney at the beginning of his recovery journey. Mike worked with Gary and was able to provide him with the tools and life skills necessary to aid his recovery, allowing Gary to abstain from alcohol for over a decade. In recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs himself since 1996, Mike Delaney has had first-hand experience of the devastating effects of addiction on an individual and their loved ones. He is passionate about helping others to succeed in recovery. He has vast experience working with sufferers of alcohol, drug, sex and gambling addiction, eating disorders, depression, trauma and co-dependency. 

Dr Gareth Lewis is a teacher, coach and performance psychologist and published author, having written books on mentoring and coaching. Gareth has spent a lifetime educating, coaching and supporting others to develop themselves and their performance in education, in business and in sporting contexts. He brings deep knowledge, skills and experience to teaching, leadership development, and executive coaching, research psychology and performance psychology working with young professional footballers and business professionals.