Options include:

Emotional health and wellbeing at work – a half day or one day experiential workshop for up to 50 employees, to help people understand and share experiences, and to develop skills for coping with the problems of everyday life and work. They include an individual telephone follow up option

Bespoke workshops and presentations – these can be designed by our experts to address specific health and wellbeing issues, and develop specific approaches, techniques or skills, according to need

Briefings – presentations to introduce the topic and to the GCSportCare/GCCare approach and experience

Motivational speakers – Gary Charles, or one of our network of inspirational sporting personalities can enrich and enliven your own event with stories from their own personal experiences

Talk to us about your need for support, guidance and care.

Our work was founded in the domain of elite sports, and organisations that employ and support them. We also work in the corporate world, offering support, guidance and care in the welfare of staff and employees. We know that employees in pressured and high stakes work environments experience many of the same problems as elite sportspeople, and the need for confidentiality, discretion and openness are just as acute.

Our services are based around two models: individual and group interventions.

There are are some facts which can't be argued against.

Fact 1. Millions of people in the UK experience issues associated with  anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. ​It is nothing to be ashamed of.
Fact 2.  With support it is possible to resolve these issues.The future is something which we should not dread. Together we will make the future positive.

Gary Charles

Gary Charles
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Support, guidance and care

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Our Services
Leaders In Preventative Intervention Support Strategies

Lorna McClelland

Individual preventative intervention

This provides a bespoke and individualised programme for each client, designed to limit the negative impact of problems on performance. It starts with an initial discussion with one of our key counsellors. Follow up may involve a programme of counselling, coaching or guidance from one of our expert team, and for many this will provide all they need to gain control and get back on track. In more extreme cases we can refer clients to more specialised clinical treatment options, or to residential or retreat solutions.

Group events

Emotional health is a serious, but often hidden issue at work, with massive implications for wellbeing and performance. GCSportsCare and GCCare offer a range of workshops, presentations and other interventions to support and help organisations and individuals to raise awareness, share experiences and develop skills and new approaches to deal with these issues in non-threatening and confidential ways. All of our workshops and group events involve inspirational and motivational speakers who are able to share their personal stories.