Providing integrated support strategies for those in the world of sport.

Gary Charles and Lorna McClelland first met when discussing issues relating to the care and welfare of footballers.  They jointly recognised that the prevailing support structure was not addressing the needs of a wide range of sportspeople who are struggling with complex issues. They recognised that in many instances the problems which the players were experiencing were often not being addressed until they had reached a critical point.  In order to address this weakness in the system, they created a radical new approach to supporting these players, and those with whom they live and work.

Support, guidance and care for those in sport

Gary Charles

Gary Charles
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Lorna McClelland

Lorna McClelland

GCSportscare is an organisation which provides advice and support for sportspeople who are experiencing a wide range of problems, such as depression, relationship problems, alcohol /drug dependency, gambling, ‘burn out’, and low self-esteem.

Clients can access discreet support from experienced staff who have participated in the world of sport, and who understand the pressures involved.

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Leaders In Preventative Intervention Support Strategies

Preventative Intervention

The main focus of GCSportsCare is the provision of prompt, targeted and pragmatic support for all sportspeople; the aim is to limit disruption within the life of the athlete, whilst attempting to avert a slide towards the need for more extensive intervention if the issues have reached a  critical stage. However, in the event that more extensive residential  support is needed,  Gary and Lorna will  establish  a treatment programme using their links to several leading clinics in the UK and abroad. In addition Mike Delaney, who is the Clinical Consultant within GCSportsCare, has vast knowledge and experience to advise and recommend appropriate care and treatment plans.

There are are some facts which can't be argued against.

Fact 1. Millions of people in the UK experience issues associated with  anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. ​It is nothing to be ashamed of.
Fact 2.  With support it is possible to resolve these issues.The future is something which we should not dread. Together we will make the future positive.