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Gary Charles
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​​​Gary and Lorna have created a structure which enables clients to speak in confidence about such issues as alcohol and substance abuse, gambling, depression, homesickness, injury and lack of self-esteem. Programmes are set up for each individual, varying from telephone conversations to meetings at the centre, or referrals for more complex specialised treatment programmes. Support is also offered to their families.

GCSportsCare understand the complex world of sport, and the problems which frequently arise therein. The provision of a service which is tailored to address these issues is much-needed.

The unique characteristic of this innovative structure lies in the combined skills and experience of Gary and Lorna. It was apparent to them that individual sportsmen, sportswomen and sporting bodies have a unique view on player support. However, central to all of these parties is the shared desire to limit disruption to their lives in general and respect their privacy.

The structure of GCSportsCare is unique in that it recognises these needs and it is based on the ethos of maximum input, linked to minimum disruption.

Privacy and Confidentiality 
Another unique attribute of this teaming of skills is that of total discretion, thus enabling the clients to feel secure and relaxed in the knowledge that the sole aim of the support is to ‘get them back on track’ as soon as possible, with little disruption. Until now, the preventative intervention model has not existed, as in many instances those offering support do not fully understand the complex dynamic of the sporting environment. We will ensure that all our clients are fully and totally respected and that they feel safe and secure in our care

Our Vision
To provide a safe and non-judgemental haven to which amateur and professional sportspeople turn when they are struggling with problems in their personal lives.
Our Mission
GCSportscare supports those with addictions, eating disorders, anxiety and stress, and many other issues facing people in modern society. We also treat alcoholism and/or drug addiction as an illness and promote strategies for long-lasting recovery. Our aim is to help our clients recover through an intensive, personalised programme that combines holistic support and medical treatment, if necessary. Professionalism and total discretion in all areas are our core values.​
Honesty & Integrity
We will treat every client with decency, respect and understanding.
We will actively listen to the needs of all of our clients.  We will not judge but we will help and support.  We will demonstrate empathy, compassion and honesty towards all of our clients and their families

Lorna McClelland
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Support, guidance and care 

Lorna McClelland

Gary Charles
​ 07387 141141       gary@gcsportscare.co.uk